September 24, 2009

Get off your trolley on Tesco Greener Living

Trying to live a greener, environmentally accountable life can be very confusing (especially knowing what should be avoided or what should be prioritised). And going ‘green’ doesn’t just mean weighing up preferred eco-friendly washing products and toiletries for the family with a supermarket — it means lifestyle.

Which is probably just the reason we’re working on launching Tesco Greener Living, to help those environmentally-aware shopper make better decisions. The site covers many aspects of going greener, including sections on ecofriendly travel and greener homes, an interactive house with lots of money-saving green tips and products, ‘green days out’ events for the kids (and those eco basket cases ;)) and how to eat greener – all with sustainability in mind. It also features updates on Tesco’s own commitment to environmental responsibility.

To launch the site a hand achingly fun trolley dash game has been made. The game is simple but challenging to play – can you collect the environmentally-friendly produce, while avoiding the energy-guzzlers and the pesky birds? Have a go and you could win one of five energy-efficient Indesit washing machines.