September 30, 2011

Five Things Fridays – Things That Make Us Smile

Friday is a glorious day because it gave birth to Rebecca Black. I mean, it obviously didn’t, but now whenever I hear the ‘F’ word, I get the song stuck in my head for the next hour or two and screech “fun, fun, fun” into the faces of anyone I meet.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to pay homage to the almighty Rebecca and have devised ‘Five things Fridays’ which is a blog where I list things that we like. On a Friday.

This week Rubber Towers has been in the grips of a heat wave and the late September sun has slowly sapped away any energy we might have had left on a Friday afternoon. It just seemed fitting that we list the things that make us smile for a last ditch pick me up before the wonderful weekend ahead.


Is that a smile I see? Nope, Chuck Testa.


Too much cute to caption.


The official anthem of the Internet.


This makes me smile, until I remember that Marcel isn’t real.


Let’s DO THIS….