August 11, 2020

Five Feelings For The Future x I Promise Myself

How do we use the stories we tell to unlock a better world? 

At this moment, we have been reflecting on the avenues of opportunity on how we can build back better and possible futures. We must get the emotional journey to a better future correct by listening to our feelings and each other. 

If we want a better future built on the foundations of systemic and systematic change, then we have to work for it. During the lockdown, we have been exploring how content and our unique position in entertainment can pave the narrative to achieving this. 

We started with Five Feelings For The Future, a medium post focusing on the emotion surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown and how these feelings are the currency to pull us through this uncertain moment and out to a positive rebuilding. 

These ideas are presented as five feelings which we hope people will find confidence in that change is possible. 

You can read the medium post here!

The second narrative stem was to put out a call out for contributors for a documentary called I Promise Myself. The contributors reflected on this moment and what they would change coming out of lockdown. 

You can watch I Promise Myself here:


We found that a lot of the contributors were hoping for the same ideas presented in Five Feelings For The Future, so we combined the two narrative stems to create a fusion of forwarding thinking positivity. 

You can check out the feelings below: 

Feeling 1: People are kind, so I can trust my community 


Feeling 2: We can do amazing things when we choose to work together


Feeling 3: What I do affects other people and what they do affects me

Feeling 4: I feel that I can help, and that it’ll make a difference if I do


Feeling 5: I feel better when I’ve been in the park or nature, especially if I’m stressed


Want more future positivity? Check up a roundup of future thoughts!

Frameworks sets out a toolkit for how to cultivate frames to sustain ideas of social justice and change.

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Short film from Channel 4 showing the importance of nature to our mental health.

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