July 2, 2007


Waitrose are set to announce plans to create a ‘Facebook for foodies’ as part of their website redevelopment.

By joining the network, members will be able to share recipes, create scrapbooks and upload pictures of themselves with dishes that they have prepared. Waitrose are not the first retailer to look to harness social networking to engage customers, we reported last month on from French Connection which, having had a VERY slow start, has picked up numbers in more recent weeks.

The plans will be unveiled on Wednesday following the £1m-plus website revamp.

Waitrose, under the leadership of self-confessed “chubby grocer” Mark Price, aims to become Britain’s premier food networking site by allowing the 1m visitors to its website each month to debate hot topics including fair trade, organics and food miles, and trade culinary tips.

This is yet another sign of the growing usage of the internet by older consumers- and the desire of retailers and brands to attract their attention.

Source: Time Online 1st July 2007