March 10, 2012

February #KittenCamp LDN round-up: Social Media Week Lolz

Oh hai guys!

February’s #KittenCamp for Social Media Week London was a big hit! Thanks to all of the meme fans who made it along, it was great to see you all. Check out all the LOL cards!

Ed Walsh fought valiantly as the LOLPuppy (see him winning the Standing Cat Cup below), and the Don’t Panic boys gave a smashing talk on some of their video work.


Here’s a selection of the best of the memes from the evening’s fierce battle:

Ecotricity’s nice little vid of collapsing cooling towers

The awesome stop motion video: The Joy of Books


The undeniably cute Depeche Mode cover from Dicken feat. Milah & Korben: “Everything Counts”


And here’s the rest:

In-bread cats

Ok Go’s Chevrolet music video

Hilarious Old spice VS Bounce commercial

The first Lego man in space

Receipt Dog

The creators of Chuck Testa bring you Dope Zebra

And finally, horror of horrors: Antoine Dodson (of Bed Intruder fame) has released a single.

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See you soon, #KittenCampers!