May 23, 2007

Fancy a day off?

"I will give my staff the day off on ‘Bristol Day’ – an unofficial bank holiday, 26th October 2007, but only if 10 businesses or other organisations will do the same."

What’s this all about then?

There are no bank holidays between August and Christmas. How silly. It’s great to be productive, but days off are great too.

Contribute to the happiness and well-being of your staff and employees and give them the day off – if cost to your business is a concern, consider the overall productivity & staff retention benefits!

Show your support by signing up at the rather nifty Pledge Bank, or join the Facebook group. Or just spread the word…

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Why is it Bristol Day?

Because Andy (a director of Rubber Republic) thought it up in Bristol – “The city that brought you an extra day off.”