May 30, 2007

Facebook widgetises itself

Last week the guys at Facebook unveiled a latest revolution in Social Networking Websites: Facebook Platform.

By opening its doors to external developers it aims to create a new generation of applications that can be deeply integrated within the ‘social graph’ created by Facebook, now counting more than 25m users. This represents a major step in their growth strategy and also offering a huge potential to build opportunities for new businesses – one example being content distribution.

Third party developers can create ‘gadgets and widgets’ that can be integrated into users’ personal profiles just like existing applications on facebook (like Photo, Events, Groups) even by replacing the original ones.
Needless to say that in less than a week hundreds of applications have emerged, some created by Facebook, some by software houses, and some by students with a Facebook profile.

It is now possible to upload and share files, check out what movies friends want to go see, view pictures hosted on other servers (e.g. Flickr) and edit-crop-fix them online, create playlists and listen to friends’ music