June 11, 2007

Facebook trounces MySpace

So everyone has heard of MySpace, and if you are reading this you are also very likely to have a profile on the popular social networking site. However since its introduction in the UK, Facebook has seen it number of users increase by exponential figures and is challenging MySpace for market share.

A clash between these two online titans for the title of most popular site is inevitable, as the amount of people using Facebook has been growing steadily and is forecasted to surpass Myspace soon.

A very interesting article was recently published on Mashable entitled “Facebook hammers MySpace on almost all key features” . While the title says it all it also provides a very detailed review of some of the factors that contributed to Facebook’s success over the last 9 months.
MySpace has been a great site for quite a while, but it’s now inundated by spammers trying to make friends, while the developers also seem to have lost interest in its innovation, meaning its functionality is limited.