June 30, 2022

Emerging Futures

Do you ever look at the 2022 news cycle and worry that you have woken up in a dystopian movie?

It’s clear that some of the systems in our world are….straining. It’s equally clear a better future is possible, but how do we get there?

Creativity is key and a clear idea of what we want, not just what we want to avoid, is key. 

Supported by The National Lottery Community Fund, we’ve created a collection of films that explore how social imagination tools – basically ways we can imagine what we want together, to ensure we know where we want to head, and that it works for everyone – can be the key to unlocking a positive future. 

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Re-Socialising our Imagination 

‘Every action that we take today is shaping all of our futures’ – Anab Jain

Can we unlock the power to shape the world around us to leave something better for future generations? Geoff Mulgan (University College London), Jess Prendergrast (Onion Collective), Anab Jain (Superflux) and Andre Reid (KIONDO) explain how coming out of the COVID crisis, we have an opportunity to use social imagination tools to craft a world that works for all.

How Can We Imagine Together To Problem Solve? | With Amahra Spence

‘We have all had this collective awakening’

Amahra Spence from MAIA discusses how we have no choice but to engage in collective imagination to address society’s biggest challenges.

Amahra is an artist and designer for social justice movements. She is the co-founder and creative director of MAIA, an artist-led platform for creative practice, critical thinking and social change. 

The Need For A Broad Collective Imagination | With Anab Jain

‘It’s about finding opportunities for different ways of living that question the status quo’

Anab Jain shares her thoughts on why social imagination tools are critical in our pursuit of a future that works for everyone. 

Anab is a designer, futurist, filmmaker and educator. She is also the Co-Founder and Director of the studio Superflux, a practice addressing the challenges and opportunities of the present to build a better future. 

The Need To Collectively Imagine Right Now | With Anab Jain

‘Many people have realised afresh their own place in the world. We should not lose that moment of realisation that we need to consider alternate ways of living on this planet’

Anab Jain of Superflux encourages us to not lose the momentum we have gained in the pandemic when thinking about smarter ways of living. 

Why is Social Imagination Important Right Now? | With Geoff Mulgan

‘If we don’t strengthen and invest in our shared social imagination it’s really quite hard to see how we’ll cope with all of these challenges’

Can our imagination solve the Climate Crisis?As we recognise the agency to solve the growing problems in our society and systems, Geoff Mulgan of University College London declares we need to scale radical imaginations contributing to the pursuit of a path towards a better future. 

How Can Social Imagination Help Us Right Now? | With Andre Reid

‘It helps create new solutions that people have never thought of’

Andre Reid explains how by imagining together, we have the power to supercharge new solutions to the great challenges of our time and propel ourselves towards a better future. 

Andre Reid is a Designer & Interdisciplinary Artist who founded KIONDO, a design research studio reimagining systems and places to make them more equitable and inclusive. 

Social Imagination: A Vital Tool For Right Now? | With Jess Prendergrast

‘I think the potential of this process is huge!’

Jess Prendergrast explains why social imagination tools are a way of giving a voice to those we never hear from. 

Jess is a social entrepreneur who co-founded the Onion Collective in Watchet. The collective is working to tackle social, cultural and environmental injustices in their local area. So far, they have delivered ambitious regeneration projects that have built up the town’s economic and cultural resilience. 

3 Things You Need To Use Social Imagination Tools | With Jake Garber

What do we need to create a better future? 

As the imperative for changing our society and systems grows, we need to encourage more people to collectively imagine a better future. Jake Garber describes the three things we need to do to get practical if you’ve been inspired by our posts on social imagination. 

Garber is a designer, facilitator & researcher exploring how radical creativity can transform some of the problems that seem stuck. He is the co-director of Canopy, a not for profit organisation set up to grow the practice of social imagination.

What Do You Need To Start Imagining? | With Jake Garber

‘We need to create spaces that people can enter into safely’

Social Imagination practitioner Jake Garber explains why we need to equalise power dynamics in order to effectively start using social imagination tools.