December 12, 2008

Drug mule dogs and speaking baggies

FRANK, the drugs information and advice service, has launched a campaign raising awareness about the risks of cocaine use with a bang.

This year a fully integrated on & offline campaign incorporates a whole host of digital content, featuring videos narrated by, amongst others, a fatally wounded drug mule dog called Pablo and a talking bag of cocaine.

Our team’s been tasked with distributing this online content to drive high-levels of awareness across the net amongst FRANK’s target for this campaign of 15 to 18 year olds.

In total there are four pieces of content to seed: two specially commissioned online clips – a cryptic teaser and a viral – which complement the TV spot and another film highlighting the darker side of cocaine.

We’ve gone for a two stage strategy. We kicked the campaign off earlier this week with an exclusive pre-launch preview of the teaser and viral films to a discrete audience of culturally relevant bloggers (e.g. DJ / music blogs), and then yesterday, as the full campaign officially launched, we pushed the button on a blanket seeding strategy intended to generate high-levels of awareness quickly.

So far the strategy seems to be working with some good early advocacy for the campaign amongst the blogger community, and a good early surge in views of the campaign videos.

See the viral here: Baggie

and catch all the other pieces of content here: YouTube channel

Posted by Chris Q