March 12, 2019

Don’t worry, we got this | Rubber Bullet

Brexit is on the horizon, an egg became the most liked picture on Instagram, foldable phones are now a thing and February brought a scary amount of sun! 2019 is shaping up to be a weird year!

However, Rubber Republic has the antidote. This month’s Rubber Bullet brings Brexit anxiety remedies, disastrous presenting from Richard Madeley and Tea terror!

Check out some of Richard Madeley’s latest gaffes on GMB. This includes saying his daughter Chloe was a mistake and discussing quicksand. Oh, Richard. 

James Charles is dominating YouTube so much so that they brought Birmingham to a standstill last month! Why? Check out their latest video! 


Thought you were addicted to tea? Meet Thirsty Harry, a man moulded and shackled by his love of the cuppa. It needs to be seen to be believed!


If you enjoyed the Jacob Rees-Moggs x Snoop Dogg mash up last time, here is David Cameron taking a break from having his trotters up in the south of France.

Ever wondered what a cooking show presented by David Lynch would look like? Wonder no more! For fans of Eraserhead and Twin Peaks.

An iconic moment from this years’ Oscars which will go down in history. Witness the incredible performance from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing their guts out.

‘Get Out’ was great but made us desperate for more dips into Jordan Peele’s mind. Here is the trailer for his next film starring the amazing Lupita Nyong’o.

Still got the Brexit blues? We have a solution! Check out our new series ‘Adult Craft Skills’. 

Internet News

Well, this one is sort of depressing. Every parent’s nightmare came true this month after the half chicken-half human hybrid Momo started appearing in kids YouTube videos. Hoax, hysteria or real? You decide!

Unrelated but isn’t Theresa looking worn down from the Brexit negations?

Have you ever seen a monkey on a bike being chased by a dog? No? Don’t believe this actually happened? You sure? Well, here’s your proof!

Goodbye for now!

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