June 3, 2010

Do you need unbreakable glasses?

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“Break me if you can, stretch me if you wish, geek me if you want, love me as you do”.

Here’s how Unbreakable Jay (the very Italian Fabiano) advertises his Italian brand Jumper-s, paying tribute to the great Rémi Gaillard on his Facebook profile.

”The rubber (elastomeric poilymer) is tested for the first time on the glasses and the result is extreme flexibility, indestructible frame, lightweight and confort”.

And of course, all material used are made in Italy!

In the video our protagonist is filmed by candid-camera annoying and molesting passersby while somehow managing to escape unscathed.

Se volete imitarlo, non fatelo senza degli occhiali indistruttibili!

All in the name of fame, or just a bit of fun?