June 28, 2016

Do you know someone who knows how to jump start the internet?

Are you, or do you know, an obsessive internet evangelist who has ideas that are genuinely brilliant?

Rubber Republic are looking for people to work in our Bristol office who have awesome ideas for internet arousing films which aren’t porn.

The kind of things that sound a little bit crazy. That you are frightened about how to shoot because they may well go horribly wrong. But most importantly that you really want to see made so you can show your friends.

We’re after a creative thinker who knows how to surprise people in original and brilliant ways. Check our portfolio for examples of the type of stuff we do.


We’re putting feelers out for creative ideas writing people we can work with. If you know someone who might want to join our crazy (read slightly OCD) band, please tell them to write to us using their copious internet connecting skills:

How to apply
You don’t need to send us a CV or spend hours deliberating on the exact words to use in the covering email. Just switch on the camera on your phone, laptop or Alexa and record us a quick piece to camera, explaining what you’d recommend to someone who wanted to make a film that would get watched and shared online. What should they aim for? What should they definitely avoid doing?

We’d also like you to use 2x YouTube annotations within this video to link to:

  1. a film that you yourself have recently shared;
  2. your favourite piece of branded content.

The video won’t be judged on cinematography or production quality – just on your ideas and clarity of expression. (You will probably also get bonus points if you make us laugh.)

When your vid’s ready, just ping us a link and we’ll get back to you.