April 15, 2010

Sales idol – participants wanted

The elevator pitch:
We’ve got three companies (Delib, Rubber Republic, Viral Ad Network) with great offerings and long lists of targets. We’re after a little more help to directly connect the two. We’re looking for one or two enthusiastic people who love selling – who can come in, understand what we’ve got to offer and enjoy telling people in our markets about it every day. Together, we’ll make our clients and our team happy.

We want to quickly find the best sales people we can who fit our culture so we’ll be running simultaneous trials. We plan to have about five promising applicants come into our Bristol office and work alongside each other for two weeks. Successful trialists will join our team on a longer-term basis.

The work:
For two full weeks, you’ll join our friendly team in our Bristol studio. You’ll hit the ‘phones and spend your day talking to organisations we want to work with – this could be anyone from local government to international advertising agencies. We’re looking for you to prove you’ve got what it takes to talk intelligently, clearly and persuasively with our target markets – that you’ve got the ability to drum up interest, generate leads and build up a healthy sales pipeline.

The responsibilities:
It’s pretty simple: we have a large addressable market and we want to have productive conversations with people within it about how we can help them. Your responsibility will be to generate leads, covering lots of ground amongst our target audiences whilst maintaining our reputation for providing great, useful service. It’s not a difficult sell, these are good offerings that have been proven to work, with a long list of happy clients; we just need help to spread the word.

What you’re like:
It’s all about intelligent selling. If you don’t love talking to people, responding to enquiries and closing deals, this isn’t the job for you. Beyond that, you’ll need to be self-motivated and well-organised, able to put your head down and press on with a big pile of work under your own steam. We’d also like it if you were the sort of person who could enjoy having lunch with us. You should have a degree and preferably some background in marketing/sales.

The rewards:
Immediately, if you’re invited to come for the two week trial, we’ll pay you at £6/hour.

Beyond that, there’s the possibility of part- or full-time work starting at about £14k p/a pro rata – plus a healthy bonus based on the profit of each job.

The people you’d work closest with:
Ben, our marketing man; Adam, our existing sales guy; Gez, Michaela, Kirk, Rory, Ian and Ally, our account handlers.

The view from the coal face:
‘Fun, flexible, foning’ – Adam

How to apply
Please send your CV and a covering letter to Ben Whitnall: