November 24, 2015

Digital Heroes 3

We ask some of the lovely people who have been kind enough to champion us within their establishments to answer the same set of questions, to give us an idea of what makes them tick.





In this, the third instalment in the series, we chat to Rachael Clark, Digital Marketing Manager at Marie Curie, who collaborated with us to produce the ‘game changing’ Bodyform – The Truth video, when she held the SCA account at Carat.



What time do you get up?

Normally around 6am – definitely more of a morning person!

iPhone, Android or something more exotic?

Was previously an iOS fan, then switched to Android…but been let down by a rather shoddy Samsung model. May return to iOS BUT I do love the obvious alignment of Google products with Android. I’m going to sit on the fence!

Social media: Banned from the bedroom or full scale addict?

I hate myself for being a bit of an addict…but not for the newsfeed updates…I’m checking our page stats. That’s a whole new level of geek!

What is your favourite piece of social video (UGC or branded) from the last 6 months?

Hmmm…a serious note would be ‘This Girl Can‘ – not soley for the video content but for a well rounded campaign that brings in related organisations to translate engagement into action.

On a less serious note, and this may not count, but anything with Jimmy Fallon & lip synching. Guaranteed to cheer up anyone’s day!

What brands do you feel are nailing their tone of voice in this area?

Whilst this is in the States rather than the UK, I’d say Oreo. They’ve followed a specific tone with their hacks & run with it. Another US example would be Lowes – they’ve clearly increased their production budget since this approach has started to work for them, but the essence has remained the same.

What do you think the biggest changes in social video will be in the next 2 years?

Firstly a shift in platform. This is already happening with Facebook now a heavyweight in the video space, and brands now trying to understand how they answer the challenge of ‘no sound’ with video consumption (i.e. in addition to the different way this video is consumed vs YouTube (the former far more lean back).

Another big change will be the type of content. I believe we’ll see brands looking to social as a way to launch new short content series/appointment to view. The added benefit here is the ability to target this content based on interests but also importantly, previous behaviour. We’re already seeing the latter increase in popularity with the likes of video remarketing and I only see this increasing with time.

I believe we’ll also see content evolve in another way with increased apathy to the current trend of mini social stars (e.g. Arron Crascall) and a call out for increased quality content (sorry Arron).

If you could see one amazing thing on video in the next ten minutes what would it be?

Definitely Stephen Merchant lip synching “Single Ladies” again