Hi Dan,

Here is some relevant work we thought you would like! >>

The 82 Year Old Rebel: A Rubber Republic original short documentary following an 82 year old climate activist whose mission is to go to prison.

Mercedes The Catch: Achieving a still unbeaten world record we caught a golf ball in an open topped supercar at 186 mph. A lot of maths and a bit of sunburn later this video achieved 2.8 million views and got the client in the Guiness World Records.

Audi Paintball: We got two Audi RS4 Avants with paintball machine guns driven by two Hollywood stunt drivers to create mayhem. The result? A lot of clean up time and 10.5 million views.

Triumph Rocket III: An oldie but a goody. This film is over a decade old (we’ve been doing this a while!) but gained well over a million views through it’s….wildy accurate….explanation of the production of this kick ass motorcycle.

Want more? Here is our showreel highlighting our best moments and a link to the rest of our portfolio.