May 11, 2020

Creativity Is Power // Making In Lockdown

What have we been up to lately? Oh just the usual...

You know, creativity is a funny thing, because those little sparks can come from anywhere. From love, from joy, from confusion. Creativity = problem-solving… but how do you solve a problem like a pandemic?

At the start of this all, with a murky future on the horizon, it felt like we had a huge expanse of time stretched ahead of us. All sailing down the same river, but in very different boats. This is Schrodinger’s lockdown, both feeling totally eternal, whilst also feeling like hardly any time has passed at all.

We have pulled together at Rubber to adapt what we do, to reflect the world we’re currently living in. Doing all the practical things like setting up remote filming kits, and making colourful client content, but we’ve also been having broader and more existential conversations about how we as a communications and entertainment company can be of value and service to people that need us.

It has been a challenge, but a good one. Some days ideas buzz between us, like hyper-charged bees and there’s something electric in the air. There are pings of inspiration from seeing how talented and creative people all over the world are coming together to make things happen. There are times where the kindness in people is powerful, delightful and motivational.

Other days, it’s a little harder to find the playfulness, the positivity and the curiosity you need when everything feels exhausting. Nobody tells you that being part of a historical event is so tiring, and it’s normal to have days where all you want to do is eat your feelings and play Animal Crossing. Instead, you have to put on a clean t-shirt for your 5th Zoom call of the day and find the strength not to have a lasagna sandwich… again.

The good days have started to really outweigh the tough ones, and we are continually learning and adapting how to operate as a business not just now, but long term so that we can help build back a better world.

That means that we need to push forward with truth, positivity and creativity. We need to keep asking questions, and we need to stay playful.

Want to make something? We’ve got a helluva plan. Email and we’ll talk some more.

Stay safe,

Rubber x