May 18, 2020

Creating Films Safely

The world has changed and so has filmmaking as we know it. We are motivated to create, but will only be able to do that if we’re sure we are adding value and not endangering anyone.

With that in mind, we are working around 3 fundamental ideas to keep things running throughout the many unknowns that will continue over the next few months and beyond.


We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to put together remote filming kits and developing processes for directing and producing film without being physically present. Including leveraging existing assets and making graphics work harder. This is a low-risk way of making content, but we appreciate it isn’t a blanket solution and it won’t work for everyone.

So we will assess whether or not the risk of filming is proportionate to the public interest. Is our physical presence necessary? Are we doing essential work?

There is no simple answer and this will vary by project but we will continue to have thoughtful and ongoing discussions about what does and doesn’t serve the public interest.


This includes creating a robust risk assessment and taking additional steps and measures on set. For example, mandatory use of PPE, keeping crew sizes to the minimum, continuing to follow social distancing rules by keeping essential crew apart, and rigorous deep cleaning any equipment used.

We will use tools like Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp to keep clients in the loop if they are unable to attend a shoot in person and have the option of a dedicated HD latency-free link direct to our on-set camera for shoots where we really need immediate high-quality visibility live as we shoot..

Safety is a priority, and we will keep checking in with each other, contributors, and crew to ensure we are being as safe and responsible as possible.


Coronavirus has hit the creative industries harder than any other event in our lifetimes, and thousands of talented freelancers and crew have had months work disappear overnight. This business can be precarious at the best of times, but right now we’re facing economic insecurity more than ever before. Therefore, it’s important for us as a company that operates ethically to continue to support the people we work with. Paying fairly, in a timely manner, and being aware of the effects this is having on wellbeing generally.

We are ready to start making again and we’re as prepared as well ever will be, so if you’re ready to start making too, drop us a line: