March 24, 2020

Content Care Package!

Well, unless you have been meditating with Jared Leto, you might have noticed things are pretty wild out there right now.

The world is confusing and often a bit scary at the moment, so we are dropping you a ‘Content Care Package’.

First off the bat, let’s take a break, a deep breath and forget about the ‘C’ word for a moment and watch some carefully curated videos of dogs, goats and a beautiful museum tour.

To kick us off, this lil fella can’t stop smiling after finding out they are going to be adopted. Look into those eyes and you will be convinced the world is still alright.

Are these the cutest little yoga helpers ever? These goat bois help out humans in the cutest yoga session ever.

We can’t really go to art galleries at the moment so this might be the next best thing. This epic video from Apple presents 45 galleries, 588 masterpieces in 5 hours and 28 minutes. All in one take and shot on an iPhone. Perfect background watching. 

Positive news and tips

Need some positive vibes out of this big ol sh*t storm? There are signs that we are adopting a more altruistic lifestyle. Helping the vulnerable and celebrating our brave health workers.

Vogue asks if COVID-19 will create an economy of altruism here in this wholesome article!

If you need help and support yourself, here is an info-map of local communities across the UK.
One for those with young ones: Bear Grylls has teamed up with Scouts to create the Great Indoor initiative. The weekly feed aims to provide families with a package of 100 indoor activities to keep your kids occupied in the shutdown of schools.

Also, if you want a way to keep your young ones active, The Body Coach is doing a free PE livestream. (Adults are free to participate too!)

And finally, if the situation has got you down and feeling anxious, this wonderful post was set up by a mental health first aider giving some top tips to deal with the pandemic.

Remember you can still go for a walk, a cycle or a run and reclaim your relationship with nature. The benefits of this are immense on our mental wellbeing, give it ago but remember to practice physical distancing!

We are using this time as productively and creatively as we can and consider our environments and people which surround us.

These are difficult times, but together we will work through it.

With love and resilience.