May 25, 2012

Conan O’Brien explains the importance of seeding

Conan O’Brien: The ‘Ron Burgundy’ Strategy Drives Viewers from National Cable and Telecommunications Association on

I’m sure you don’t need persuading that a seeding strategy is crucial. But you might need ammunition for someone else less convinced?

This interview is a very compelling explanation of how entertainment properties (and brands) need to think about promoting interesting content online:

  • Do NOT be proprietorial, make sure your content goes far and wide
  • DO consider seeding this content ahead of the official launch
  • Do NOT assume that your original content will appeal to everyone
  • DO fragment & share relevant videos matched to niche interests / tastes

It helps that it is delivered by arguably one of the most influential personalities in entertainment today and specifically focusses on Ron Burgundy’s much anticipated Anchorman sequel.

But this interview with Conan O’Brien is as relevant to any content provider who has genuinely remarkable content and wants to make sure that both their social and their more conventional media strategies work in harmony.

It is less than 3 minutes long, and I’d highly recommend watching it.