October 26, 2006

Coke Finaly Catches The Viral Bug

Having distanced themselves from the phenomenon for so long, Coca-Cola have finally decided to jump on the Mentos-Diet Coke bandwagon. The viral craze has been going for a year or more now and involves adding numbers of Mentos mints to large Diet Coke bottles – the results are quite spectacular. Originally, someone discovered that if you add the Mentos to the Coke a huge fountain erupts from the bottle. Over time, people became more adventurous; they started setting off multiple fountains and even created rockets and bombs. Of course, all of these endeavours were filmed and met with massive viral success.

Mentos were smart because they voiced their appreciation of the craze straight after its inception. They actively encourage the spread of these viral videos, taking the line that any publicity is good publicity. Coke’s initial reluctance to acknowledge the phenomenon was due to the fact that they didn’t want to damage their brand. Now however, they realise that they are loosing control of their brand by not acknowledging anything. Therefore, they have got stuck in to creating their own superior and highly elaborate virals. Here’s a preview for one that’s being released soon:
Experiment 214