April 26, 2010

Cog meme is still fresh as a daisy

This week’s NMA Viral Brand Chart reminded me that the cog meme which first came to prominence with the Honda Accord ‘Cog’ ad has got some serious legs.

Google’s new Chrome ad – which has gone straight in at 3 in this week’s chart – is the latest in a string of branded ads which take their cue from the original back in 2003. The central idea of a small inciting incident setting off a DIY-style domino effect/chain reaction series of events, which results in something spectacular, has cropped up all over the place including music videos from OK Go and Fatboy Slim.

Yet despite its longevity , the ‘Cog’ meme is still inspiring and the subject of fresh reinventions every year. I’ve peppered this blog post with some examples of the cog meme. If you’ve got a favourite or one we should know about let us know in the comments section below.