November 19, 2009

Coca-Cola brings viral to the London Underground

01-Bad-Santa-HorizA friend of mine said to me recently that it doesn’t feel like Christmas until the seasonal Coca-Cola ad campaign breaks and Starbucks starts selling coffee in festive cups.

She will probably love Coke’s new idea to promote its annual Christmas push, which will see the brand “incentivising” buskers on the London Underground to include its ‘Holidays Are Coming’ jingle in their repertoire over the festive period.

You can read Rubber Republic’s take on this in a BBC news report on the story here.

Personally, we all love the idea. As one member of the team said: “You always remember what a busker plays…you hum the tune for days.”

In other words, it’s a truly infectious viral idea, but played out in the real world, instead of a digital space. What’s more, wasn’t it Coke that popularised the depiction of Father Christmas as wearing red and white?