June 4, 2021

Climate Disclosure Report | 2021

We believe in the power of entertainment to build a better future. We also believe in business as a force for good, so in 2018 we became a B Corp. We love the ethos of this community and are constantly looking for new ways to demonstrate it throughout the everyday operations of our work. 

Further from our B Corp certification, we declared a Climate Emergency. This decision led us to reshape our business and achieve our target of becoming a carbon-neutral business. 

What considerations have we made in 2020 to use our business for good? Check out our new Climate Disclosure Report here.

This document discloses our carbon usage over the past year and a breakdown of our clients. This report also compares our progress in regards to the goals set in our previous statement. 

Since our last report, here is a list of improvements within our business:

  • We have updated our in-house carbon calculation tool to be more accurate and measure more areas of our business.
  • We proudly operate as a Carbon Neutral business. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are working from home and switched our energy providers to renewable sources.
  • Promote our commitment to the planet to external staff. We want all our collaborators to strive to meet our social and environmental standards. 
  • Contributed to B Corp month and completed our recertification. 
  • Continue to dedicate at least 1% of our turnover to charitable causes. 
  • Working exclusively for clients who engage with progressive social and environmental change or are wanting to make a change in response to social injustice and the climate emergency

We’re always looking for more ideas of how we can do better. Got any suggestions? Please hit us up at

If you are interested in discussing our ‘Environmental Impact Calculator’ and how it could help your business, please contact Corwin Bainbridge at

If you would like to discuss our environmental goals and policy or want to see if we can help you achieve these goals, please get in touch with Matt Golding at