Hi Claire,

here is some relevant work we thought you would like! >>

Mercedes The Catch: Achieving a still unbeaten world record we caught a golf ball in an open topped supercar at 186 mph. A lot of maths and a bit of sunburn later this video achieved 2.8 million views and got the client in the Guiness World Records.

Hackett Pitstop: Partnering Hackett with the williams F1 team, this video oozes cool. The anonymous helmeted men have since become icons for the Hackett brand and have appeared in GQ magazine.

Audi Paintball: We got two Audi RS4 Avants with paintball machine guns driven by two Hollywood stunt drivers to create mayhem. The result? A lot of clean up time and 10.5 million views.

eBay Pride UK: We drafted together a creative team from the LGBTQ community to transform the ultimate macho car (a 1968 Ford Mustang) into a dazzling unicorn to show eBay UK’s geniune commitment to equality and diversity.

Want more? Here is our showreel highlighting our best moments and a link to the rest of our portfolio.