December 3, 2008

Christmas Crappers

When you eat some dodgy turkey and your toilet’s rank and murky, diarrhoea, diarrhoea…

he Food Standards Agency (FSA) has commissioned a viral video — “Diarrhoea!” — to raise awareness of the potential hazards of Christmas leftovers.

“Diarrhoea!” has been planned and produced by Farm Communications and is being seeded by Bristol-based viral agency Rubber Republic. The clip aims to spread the season of good will and happy stomach’s message during the active viral video viewing Christmas season.

The 50 second clip shows an exaggerated, retro 70’s home at Christmas with a family sat around, sad and stuck for gift ideas — until an infomercial-style narrator suggests they give ‘diarrhoea!’. The voiceover continues to ‘sell’ diarrhoea as the perfect Christmas present (‘from ages 8 to 88’) as one by one the family’s stomachs disrupt the silent night. The clip ends with a simple three step guide to avoiding the perils of Christmas food poisoning.

Avoid spending this Christmas alone in the loo – with the gift that keeps – giving by taking heed of the following:

Watch the ‘Christmas Crappers – Diarrhoea’ Viral Clip

Seasons Greetings…etc!

Posted by Ian O