April 23, 2010

Channel hopping with viral content

‘Allo, ‘allo! Ah oui – 2010 has become the year for making real live, face-to-face contact with our international blogging amis.

Last Friday (16th April), Frédérik Porquier from My Screens invited me to an underground film bloggers gathering in Paris. (By “underground” I mean the cellar of a Parisian bar, because this was by no means a little-known affair).

Around 100 film bloggers, journalists and those-in-the-film-business-know turned up to How I Met My Blogger 2 – the second of what will turn out to be a reel of film blogger events – and the atmosphere was electric.

Jean Roman, one of the convention’s organizers and author of I’ll be Blog, told me that there has been no such gathering for film bloggers in Paris in the past, a sentiment echoed by many of those present.

All of the big blogging names were there: Filmosphere, Film Geek, Geek Culture, Galathys, Rob Gordon (who’s always right), Brice Duan, Le Blog Ciné, Benett, Angles de vue, In the Mood for Cinema….in fact, just too many to mention.

And what did we learn from this gem of an event?

1) Political and knitting bloggers currently have the most kudos in the French blogosphere.

2) Many French film bloggers are yet to be convinced of the merits of viral content; most prefer to write traditional film reviews.

3) The French cinema industry hasn’t (yet) recognised the true extent of the film bloggers’ influence.

4) The majority of French film sites have their own Facebook page.

5) Twitter is still in its infancy in France. But many French geeks and cinema fans are fully embracing it.

6) How I Met My blogger is going to get bigger and more influential – I’m looking forward to the next get-together in a few months’ time!

Merci My Screens et Geek Culture pour vos petits mots sympas. Et merci à Mériadeck pour HIMMB, le BD. See his cartoon here.