December 5, 2006

CGC + Ads + Youth = @*%^ Off!!!

The American Marketing Association (AMA) has conducted a survey that will be of great interest to those in the world of viral marketing.
The most striking conclusion of the survey suggests that children don’t like consumer-generated content (CGC) in ads. It also appears that older people aged between 25-64 find that CGC campaigns make a company appear more innovative and customer-friendly. Those between the ages of 18-24 felt that a company that uses CGC is less trustworthy, less socially responsible and less customer-friendly. Another surprise that I read recently was that 50% of YouTube users were over the age of 34. In light of this, it could be suggested that younger audiences dislike CGC in ads because they are loosing a sense of ownership over the content which they are largely responsible for creating. One can imagine this group feeling that they are the victims of corporate high jacking. A cumbersome invasion of their cool territory