May 19, 2006

Caught on, but not keeping up?

Here’s a very interesting article from Justin Kirby of DMC. A veteran in the scene, Justin paints a picture of the past present and future in the viral/connected marketing landscape and illustrates the fact that there is a growing divide between marketer and connected consumer; brands are “simply failing to keep up with the play”.

One of the most interesting things he points out is the need to generate solid ROI from viral campaigns, and reach beyond the spotty Russian teen kid audience that most un-targeted viral campaigns hit. Unless you’re a worldwide acne brand, then getting a million visits from this kind of audience won’t do much for you in marketing ROI terms.

We’re constantly advocating the need for good strategy and well targeted campaigns to clients, and offer clients complete transparency in our seeding strategies. This doesn’t mean that teenagers worldwide won’t see your campaign, however it does mean that they see it alongside a high percentage of your target audience.