Rubber Republic

26 Feb '13

NEW WORK – Audi RS ‘The Duel’

How can you better the rip-snorting fun to be had in an Audi RS4?

Mount paintball cannons on the bonnets and have a dogfight in a mothballed MOD fighter jet hangar, that’s how.

Corwin could not believe his luck … Read More

12 Feb '13

Oh, hello there

Tiff’s out the office today so it falls to me, the newbie, Tom (or Wayne – either’s good) to provide February’s bloggery. Here goes. Sorry – I should introduce myself properly: Hello. I’m Tom. I write things. So… I … Read More

01 Feb '13

The Internet : January 2013 Edition

Apparently it’s 2013, which means that we survived the Mayan Apocalypse so now we’re free to just get on with our lives.

Incase you’ve not been online much this year, here are some things that have happened so far…

1) … Read More

13 Aug '12

Republican Update

Last month, you may recall, we were looking for a shiny new Republican to join our tight knit team of remarkable humans at Rubber Republic. The response was fantastic and it’s just so lovely to know there were so … Read More

24 Jan '12

Rubber Republic cross platform workshop days

In response to client interest, we’ve started running cross platform TV workshops, looking at how to create online components of TV shows, and market those programmes socially / virally online in elegant and cost effective ways.

We tailor these … Read More

23 Jan '12

Pigeons get a shock in Trafalgar Square

If you happened to be in or around Trafalgar Square early this morning you may have noticed an enormous glowing sun suspended underneath Nelson’s column.

Installation artists Greyworld created #TraflagarSun as part of Tropicana’s ‘Brighter Mornings’ campaign.

On and … Read More

23 Dec '11

Let it Snow

(Almost) Merry Christmas everyone!

Even Sad Keanu is feeling festive.

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07 Dec '11

The Bank Job goes live for Endemol

On Friday we launched our second project made for Endemol and Channel 4. The Bank Job is a new cross platform game show.

A head to head quiz played in a bank vault, the show is innovative in that … Read More

11 Nov '11

Breaking Bad – Doing it Right

It’s somewhat ironic that a show about crystal meth should be so addictive. In fact just after the last series of Breaking Bad finished I experienced cold sweats, nausea and depression as I was left to go cold turkey again … Read More

08 Nov '11

Always Be Knolling

Knolling is a design meme that involves removing distractions and grouping like objects together at 90 degree angles to create a neat and aesthetically pleasing workspace. The term was first coined in 1987 (incidentally the year I was born but … Read More