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28 Sep '09

Is online advertising strangling itself or is it becoming something brilliant?

Over the weekend, Matt sent around a link to a great piece on Techcrunch called Let’s Kill the CPM written by Shelby Bonnie, CEO of Whiskey Media

His remarks about the meaningless nature of pure ad impressions reflect thoughts mentioned … Read More

18 Sep '09

Joining the Double Comma club

500,000 Views In 4 Days – BBC Viral Case Study

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Getting a million views+ of a viral campaign is a significant achievement. Research has shown that only 0.3% of videos get over 10,000 views on … Read More

18 Sep '09

Some intriguing YouTube stats

According to some recent YouTube research from, your video has: – a 3.1% chance of getting over 1000 views – 0.3 percent chance of getting over 10,000 views. – 0.001% of getting over 100,000 views

On the flip side, … Read More

17 Sep '09

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity

Here’s Ed Catmull of Pixar talking about creativity at Pixar. Why not have a read?

For more on Pixar, Lucas Film, and how a small group of bright people re-invented the whole film industry, try this book.

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04 Sep '09

One of About Five Thoughts on Twitter

I don’t tweet. Maybe I should. I was thinking about that this week, then John Humprys stepped both feet first into “Twitter Gate”, and the co-incidence was serendipitous. I have about five small thoughts on Twitter. Here’s one of them.

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02 Sep '09

Twecruiting: How to Make Your Boring Twitter Campaign More Awesome

Ad agencies are progressively using social media in clever ways for new business and recruitment broadcasting (typically bypassing new biz/recruitment agencies), with the best of the lot always offering people interesting reasons to catalyse their boring conversations.

Additionally, there’s been … Read More

10 Aug '09

10 Things – at PR Week

From Paul Armstrong: 10 things about social media you should know and pass on to your client.

I can’t argue with a single one of ’em; here’s Number 6 for your pleasure:

“6) The new content ecosystem is about earning … Read More

28 Jul '09

Rubber Republic talking at Rushes Soho Shorts festival

Our Matt Golding is talking at two events at Rushes Soho Shorts festival tomorrow.

One is the Encounters Contentertainment talk (Soho Film Lab, 13:00) which is a private event invite only for ad industry creative directors chaired by … Read More

23 Jul '09

Youtube Statistics widely available, raising the bar for accountability

Every client’s dream is to hit the 1 million views mark- and this is often seen as a primary measure of success. All films on Youtube appear now to have more detailed statistics which show far more about where those … Read More

20 Jul '09

Newspaper Licensing Authority madness

Interesting post from Kevin Taylor (President, Chartered Institute of Public Relations) about an insane proposal by the Newspaper Licensing Authority (NLA) to charge agencies for simply providing links to someone else’s content. I.e, right now, I should be paying the … Read More