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29 Jun '10

City of Scars


Only 10 days ago we blogged about Mortal Kombat Rebirth and when transmedia becomes fansmedia.

How awesome it was then to see another group of fans – Bat in the Sun – create this similarly gritty 30 minute … Read More

18 Jun '10

When transmedia becomes fansmedia

If media artists are going to be pushed to extend their offerings across platforms, shouldn’t they be thinking about how these practices can be exploited to create richer aesthetic experiences, to support the creativity and engagement of fans, to … Read More

14 Jun '10

Do you want to play Italian Football?

The FIFA World Cup 2010 is coming soon but who said that only the football champions can be great masters of the ball? All football fans like to see some incredible ball skill and control, and those that can … Read More

02 Jun '10

“To Awesome And Beyond” – Are You The Account Manager We Need?

Think we’ve now filled this – thanks 🙂

We need an account manager who lives and breathes film, comics and general digital geekery.

This role needs someone who is a prolific social media user and can see new opportunities … Read More

27 May '10

Sónar: 17 years of provocation

This year, Sónar – the International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art – is to be held simultaneously in Barcelona and A Coruña, from the 17th – 19th June. Apart from being an international benchmark for electronic music, it’s … Read More

24 May '10

6’66” – Sympathy For The Devil (…or how to make Powerpoint interesting)

[Image courtesy of : Wendelboe on Flickr]

The *devil* in question was indeed the force of office evil that is Powerpoint, and Tom Alcott from the Social Network Company gave us a masterclass in how to keep presentations succinct, … Read More

04 May '10

New internet meme anyone?

This week’s NMA UGC viral video chart has drawn attention to the ‘Gap Yah’ student phenomenon, which appears to be turning into a fully-fledged internet meme.

There’s a good chance we all knew someone at school or University who joined … Read More

29 Apr '10

Cornelius and the rain…

So Cornelius had an adventure today as planned. But unfortunately it was of the damp kind. Cornelius’ voyage of human discovery will now happen on revised dates, starting next Monday, in Bristol.

Bristol May 3rdRead More

19 Apr '10

NMA viral video chart insight

The much-anticipated launch of Apple’s iPad earlier this month was one of those online calendar events millions of people look forward to with baited breath.

The unveiling of the product live on stage by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, has … Read More

29 Mar '10

iFeatures final 6!

So we’re in the final 6 of the fantastic iFeatures scheme in Bristol. Phew, and thanks to lots of hard work from writer Carol Noble and producer Nick Pitt. Our film “The Bristol Job” will tell the story of an … Read More