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17 Sep '10

#kittencamp London still has room in teh kitteh litter. Bristol iz full.

Part of me just wanted to write a blog post because I love this image (granted the original is a lot more humorous) and another part feels a responsibility to send word that the Bristol Kitten Camp is now … Read More

06 Sep '10

Most viral brands of 2010

We (@Rubber_Republic) run the NMA’s brand viral chart, collating and analysing the performance of brand content on a weekly basis – all done using our natty Viral Ad Network. As a quick round up of the year so far, we’ve … Read More

16 Aug '10

#KittenCamp 4 Playlist

Flying Kitteh

Slide Kitteh

Social Media Movie Trailers

Facebook Original

YouTube Parody

Twitter Parody

And a terrible movie trailer

Bed Intruder


Auto-tune Remix

Orchestral Remix

Japanese Guitar Remix

Double Rainbow

Double KFC

Auto-tune Remix

A day in the … Read More

13 Aug '10

Too much knowledge = sad face Andy

Peter Gabriel has a song “Solsbury Hill”. I figured that Solsbury Hill was a real place, probably near Bath. Wikipedia knows the answer of course. But now I know too much about the song, and what was mysterious and enigmatic … Read More

13 Aug '10
11 Aug '10

Spice up your sharing

Adam wrote a nice post about agency sharing over on our Team Rubber blog. Made me think…agency sharing arrives in several flavours:

-‘meta’ posts (like this one). These are about the practice of blogging / tweeting / sharing itself. How … Read More

21 Jul '10

Where’s Nessa?

I arrived in Paris last night on a crammed TGV from Marseille – air traffic controllers are on strike – standing room only while doing a high speed (180mph) 3 hour journey. Insanity. After a meal in a lovely Japonese … Read More

16 Jul '10

Where’s Nessa?

PMU bars, nesquick, Zinedine Zidane, unsalted butter, police in galoshes, saucisson, menthe a l’eau, baguettes, croissants, bonne maman, blue road signs, UHT milk, flags, short men in espadrilles, yellow headlamps, dog poo, twingos, gauloises, garlic and onions, window shutters, boulevards, … Read More

14 Jul '10

Where’s Nessa?

I arrived in Marseille late last night, just in time for the 14th of July celebrations. For those who don’t know, on this day back in 1789 the people of France, decided to rid themselves of aristocrats and the … Read More

14 Jul '10

Where’s Nessa?

Nessa is rolling around France in search of new Rubber lovers.

Update from her travel:

She is Marseille !

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