Rubber Insight

12 Nov '10

Pitch your brand client a sharable online video – works for them and you

Using video online can be awesome for brands. Triumph Motorcyles do it. So do Gilette.

For agencies, our sister company Viral Ad Network has put together a handy guide in four parts: – why to commission a video – how … Read More

11 Nov '10

Where’s Nessa

This is my first blog entry from California. It’s been just 3 days but the UKTI have kept us busy – really busy – really really busy. We’ve started our week long mission in San Francisco, the heart of new … Read More

10 Nov '10

The week in internet…

Baby Bob Marley

Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer


If Scary Movies Were Real

Fake Video of a Fake Dead Body Prank

50 Cent Stars in YouTuber’s Routine

Table Connect iPhone

The Screaming Soprano?

A New Snow White … Read More

03 Nov '10

The week in internet

People are awesome

People aren’t awesome

Red Shirt Guy reassures the world that the geek shall inherit the earth

1928 mobile phone is the WTF of the week

Never Say Never steals this month’s mantle of the ‘movie … Read More

26 Oct '10

The week in meme…

Rent is Too Damn High

Up Remix

Phallic Symbols on Weather Programmes

Jeremy Kyle Show Goes Hillbilly

Nick Robinson Loses It

Farcical Trailers

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Airplane Improv

Read More

21 Oct '10

Method Planning – a more human approach to social media

Something I’ve been thinking for a while is how similar planning for online communities has become to method acting, where immersing oneself in the conversations in buried forums of fanatics could be thought akin to doing a James Woods in … Read More

21 Oct '10

Fax is the new email: OFFICIAL

A friend of mine who runs his own (pharmacy sales) business got this email through from a Fax marketeer yesterday. I thought it was a truly left-field genius piece of marketing thinking, positioning Fax-marketing as the new email-marketing.

Remember you … Read More

19 Oct '10

The week in meme…

Return of the Old Spice parodies

This UGC effort gave Sesame Street its second successful mashup in a week:

Triple topicality made the below tick along nicely – Twitter/iPad/iPhones and a good “Beat It” pun … Read More

13 Oct '10

Facebook vs Twitter: battle of the shares [graph]

It sounds like the start to a (bad) joke “what’s more influential a tweet or a like?, but it’s a debate that’s pretty rife amongst social media geeks.

So using the analytics from the 7 million+ people who watched the … Read More

20 Sep '10

#KittenCamp 5 Playlist

Kitten Intro

Dog Reply

Meme Ads

Effective use of kittens


Effective use of pandas

Effective use of cute kids in an ad

Taiwanese CGI News

This month’s autotuned favourites..

An old favorite – Double Rainbow

Tornado guys go double … Read More