Rubber Insight

11 Mar '12

Greetings From SXSW

Well, it’s been a crazy couple of days but I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of things in Austin. According to the locals, this is the biggest SXSW had ever been and judging by the scale of … Read More

09 Dec '11

Vision Bristol 2011 in Quotes

I’ve just turned my notes from the recent (and excellent) Vision Bristol creative conference into highlight quotes. It was a great event and hopefully these snippets might prove inspiring:

1: Andrew Keen – gave the opening keynote, and a … Read More

28 Nov '11

Viral Charts – Fenton, Jurassic Park and Chuck Norris

Plenty of exciting new stuff in the viral charts this week. If you haven’t already seen Fenton the wonder dog (where have you been?!) then you need to watch it NOW. Also in the top 10, Fenton mash ups, Chuck … Read More

23 Sep '11

The top 10 things at Picnic Festival 2011 (and the birth of “Twatification”)

I was lucky enough to get sent on the European Creative Business Network trade mission to the fantastic Picnic festival in Amsterdam last week. Here are my top 10 things from this great international meet up:

1: The best thing … Read More

15 Sep '11

Three of the Most Influential UK Based Beauty Bloggers

Beauty bloggers have become more and more influential in recent years. With a big enough reach some of them have the power to make or break a product with a single review. We’ve tracked down three of the biggest and … Read More

05 Aug '11

Burning Rubber 2011

Last friday was a chance for us to celebrate 10 years of all things Rubber by taking some time to get together, play games, cook food, drink cider and burn things. Everyone who does and has worked for Team Rubber … Read More

05 May '11

Through a Child’s eyes…


We are delighted to introduce what we hope will be a regular feature on this blog: A ‘guest slot’ from friends, collaborators and other muckers whose opinions we value (though not always necessarily agree with).

This week: … Read More

08 Mar '11

Cat got your thumb?

Our weekly delve into compiling the NMA Viral Charts always kicks up some gems, but this one gets two furry thumbs up.

We featured Cravendale’s brave goodbye to the iconic cow, pirate and cyclist on our Viral Ad Network a … Read More

20 Dec '10

2011 – The Year of Internet TV?

Internet TV has seen a rise this year with ITV and Channel4 both improving their streaming services, YouTube providing content from UK channels, BBC iPlayer updates including social sharing as well as a rise of 3rd party aggregators such as … Read More

22 Nov '10

#kittencamp London Playlist

Maru <3

Cat and Gator

Cat vs. Printer

Secret Kitten

Musical Bumper-Seat Babies

The Rent Is Too Damn High

UP Remix

Whip my hair

Longer form human stories doing well on YouTube … Read More