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01 May '09

Sky News Cameras Hit Rubber Republic’s London Office

Barely freshly shaven from his appearance on the BBC Today programme, Matt was kindly invited to talk a few things viral in front of Sky News cameras yesterday. It was through good fortune in our safe office surroundings that he … Read More

20 Apr '09

Oh Yeah? Prove It. Measuring Value in Social Media

Useful blog piece on hard metrics and anecdotal evidence for the value of social media.

Via Power Shift – Social Media Blog

Posted by Andy P

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09 Apr '09

Economist Snippet on Social Media for Marketers

Useful article from this week’s Economist about how the economic downturn is affecting marketing strategies. Final three paragraphs very interesting – snippets below.

“Interest in things such as green products and healthy foods will continue to grow in a post-crisis … Read More

31 Mar '09

Today Programme campaign discussion…

Following the launch of our Today programme film for the BBC’s flagship radio 4 show two weeks ago, the BBC had us back on to discuss the results our film had met with on-line. 50,000 views in its first week … Read More

20 Feb '09

Today Programme…

We were invited onto the Today programme this morning to chat about all this viral advertising lark, so I got up early and headed over to TV centre. Very nerve wracking all this live radio stuff, but think it went … Read More

16 Feb '09

22% of people on the Internet are reading this….. least according to the 2009 Online Advertising Attitudes Report (via Paid Content) What they in fact say is that 22% of users only go to Niche, sector-specific destinations -like this blog- and only 25 (that’s right, 2%) visit mainstream … Read More

23 Jan '09

How to make viral products

Following up my earlier post about “viral products”, I thought I’d post some further musings about viral products as a concept. For me viral products are the Holy Grail of business and marketing – as the core principle behind viral … Read More

12 Dec '08

Viral semanticism: “it ain’t viral til it is”

Kudos to Faris Yakob, BL Ochman and That Canadian Girl for again highlighting why we should all be careful about our use of the term ‘viral’ and why it should be considered a verb.

Faris explains:

“Sometimes I get calls … Read More

25 Nov '08

Gladwell’s success by numbers

In the introduction to his talk last night, Malcolm Gladwell self-depricatingly announced that he hadn’t given his talk a specific title. Usually, he said, he’d come up with some obscure title for his talks involving Freud – for example “Freuds’s … Read More

14 Nov '08

Obama and the Playboy bunnies

A lot has been written about the sheer amount of cash Barrack Obama’s team has thrown at his campaign. Having raised over $600 million, Obama has been like a real life Brewster from Brewster’s Millions – trying to spend all … Read More