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15 Nov '10

Where’s Nessa?

If I’m honest I didn’t want to like LA. I thought it could be the type of place you get to and are desperate to leave. Friends of mine who live here have had me baffled for years. Don’t … Read More

11 Nov '10

Where’s Nessa

This is my first blog entry from California. It’s been just 3 days but the UKTI have kept us busy – really busy – really really busy. We’ve started our week long mission in San Francisco, the heart of new … Read More

17 Sep '10

#kittencamp London still has room in teh kitteh litter. Bristol iz full.

Part of me just wanted to write a blog post because I love this image (granted the original is a lot more humorous) and another part feels a responsibility to send word that the Bristol Kitten Camp is now … Read More

19 Aug '10

Rubber make NMA front cover

As you may – or may not – know, we run the Viral Charts for NMA using our super-duper Viral Ad Network. To round-up the first half of the year, NMA have (with our help) put together an overview of … Read More

21 Jul '10

Where’s Nessa?

I arrived in Paris last night on a crammed TGV from Marseille – air traffic controllers are on strike – standing room only while doing a high speed (180mph) 3 hour journey. Insanity. After a meal in a lovely Japonese … Read More

16 Jul '10

Where’s Nessa?

PMU bars, nesquick, Zinedine Zidane, unsalted butter, police in galoshes, saucisson, menthe a l’eau, baguettes, croissants, bonne maman, blue road signs, UHT milk, flags, short men in espadrilles, yellow headlamps, dog poo, twingos, gauloises, garlic and onions, window shutters, boulevards, … Read More

17 Jun '10

Bilderberg protest gets viral

Two weeks ago, in Sitges (Barcelona) a group of 150 people met in front of Hotel Dolce – where the Bilderberg Club meeting was being held – to protest against the establishment of the New World Order. The protest was … Read More

16 Feb '10

iFeatures blogs launch

The iFeatures blogs (which we’re in the finals of) have launched over at the iFeatures website. Check out our team blog here and all the teams in the iFeatures final here.

Our project is called “The Bristol Job” and is … Read More

15 Dec '05

Rugby goes viral with Flick ‘n’ Kick

For our latest buzz game, we’ve stretched out our massively creative arms across the Severn to embrace the culture of our near and dear Welsh neighbours.

Working with Principality Building Society, the sponsors of the Welsh Rugby Premiership, we were … Read More