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08 Jan '13

Blowing our own trumpet…

As a new year begins, here’s hoping 2013 is as kind to us as last year was.

Early indications are it just might be *touches rubber*

This Slideshare document below is an unashamed round-up of some of our ‘best … Read More

20 Dec '12

Rapping up 2012

If the world does end tomorrow then at least we will go out with a bang.

Our latest campaign, and last of the year: ‘The Motherhood’ feat. Fiat 5ooL for krow communications, has been every bit as enjoyable as all … Read More

01 Aug '12

The Free Lunch Project

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, right? Wrong.

Have a go on this tasty app we’ve made for the Energy Saving Trust and you could find out you’re sitting on an edible goldmine.

By making simple adjustments … Read More

22 Jun '12

Mercedes SLS AMG :: Turbo Golf

When Jeremy, Alex and Pete at Weapon7 asked us whether a £200,000 Mercedes-Benz could catch a golf ball we said “No, of course it can’t.” Then we had a little sleep and thought about it again, and decided … Read More

11 Jun '12

Space Camping :: First Tent in Space

Rubber Republic’s latest video for Vango

In May 2012, while the world’s eyes were on the Space X Dragon launch, another piece of history was made.

In the Scottish Highlands four intrepid Vangonauts attempted their first mission and … Read More

24 May '12

Please let us ‘Patron-ize’ you

Lever…age? Arbitr…age? There’s a new ‘…age’ in Business Town and it’s called ‘Patron-age’.

We’ve been trying to decide for a while now how to celebrate genuinely awesome remarkable campaigns?

We wanted something symbolic of ‘Excess’ (smashing campaign targets & … Read More

15 May '12

Magic ‘Tate’ Ball

Now this has been worth waiting for. Over a year if the truth be told, but ‘All good things etc….”

Our good friends (and erstwhile Rubber cohorts) Thought Den have just launched the Magic Tate Ball app … Read More

20 Apr '12

[NEW WORK] Peugeot x Nonstop

Last week we launched this, a film featuring the genuinely awesome and jaw-droppingly talented dancer Marquese ‘NONSTOP’ Scott.

The video was shot in one take. There are no edits, no visual effects and Marquese just turned up and did … Read More

17 Feb '12

Hippo Wins RTS Award!

Last night, Matt and Tiffany attended the Royal Television Society West of England Awards, and were delighted to pick up the Media Effectiveness award for the innovative cross platform TV project Hippo Wild Feast that we worked on!

Thanks to … Read More