Our Work

11 Jun '14

Ramillas Interactive Fund Win

We’ve just come back from Sheffield Doc Fest (after having a blast) and not only was it a privilege to see all of the great work on show, but we’ve also managed to scoop a beautiful award in the … Read More

02 Jun '14

#WelcomeToCoffee for Taylors of Harrogate

We’ve just launched a series of videos made for Taylors of Harrogate, kicking things off with a bang in a quest to make the Ultimate Cup of Coffee. See it here:

The #WelcomeToCoffee channel on Taylors YouTube page comprises of … Read More

09 Apr '14

ROOband – The Analogue Wearable Fitness Tracker!

Here’s a video we’ve been working on in association with Cheil Worldwide – the ROOband – put the fun back into run!

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03 Jan '14

More Trumpet Blowing…

It’s been a really exciting few months at Rubber HQ. Our very own Tiffany Maddox won Bristol Media’s Brand You Award for “Video, Viral and Online”. We were also winners at the first ever Mashies Awards in “Best Use … Read More

28 Oct '13

New Work: The Tea Song!

Fun fact: The Rubber Republic team basically runs on cups of tea and biscuits. In fact at this point, it’s actually hard to imagine getting through a day without a few brews to keep us going. So … Read More

02 Oct '13

[NEW WORK] Audi RS 6 & scrambled eggs

This morning we launched our latest instalment in #AudiDuel series for Audi UK. Everything about ‘Man vs Machine’ is bigger than its predecessor , not least the 2013 RS 6 Avant; the fastest estate car available in the UK.

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11 Apr '13

Red Rag To The Bull

Our Bodyform video has been nominated for a 2013 Webby Award!

And while we are chuffed to bits with the nomination, there’s also a certain Mr Baumgartner standing in our way to this rather desirable paperweight.

So please, … Read More

15 Mar '13

New work: The Fatherhood

Phew! What a week for highly anticipated sequels. Not only is there a new Pope, but we’ve just released the follow up to ‘The Motherhood’.

The film is about a dad who spends his evenings driving his children to … Read More

04 Mar '13

Audi Reaches One Million Views

Exciting news. Over the weekend the messy but very fun paintball film we made for Audi tipped over the 1 million view mark. We’re always excited to have something join the ‘double comma’ club, so we’re even more delighted to … Read More

26 Feb '13

NEW WORK – Audi RS ‘The Duel’

How can you better the rip-snorting fun to be had in an Audi RS4?

Mount paintball cannons on the bonnets and have a dogfight in a mothballed MOD fighter jet hangar, that’s how.

Corwin could not believe his luck … Read More