Our Thinking

11 Aug '20

Five Feelings For The Future x I Promise Myself

How do we use the stories we tell to unlock a better world? 

At this moment, we have been reflecting on the avenues of opportunity on how we can build back better and possible futures. We must get the emotional … Read More

06 Aug '20

NEW WORK: Make My Money Matter

We created the launch videos for Richard Curtis’ MakeMyMoneyMatter campaign!

MakeMyMoneyMatter aims to refocus the trillions of pounds poured into pensions out of things that pensions default them to, like oil, arms and tobacco (it’s crazy we all pay into … Read More

05 Aug '20

Rubber Bullet // August 2020

Need a coffee + content break? Leave it to us! 

Even in the face of a global pandemic, the content is still pumping. We’ve seen some belters this month which have made us laugh, inspired us, and made us … Read More

30 Jun '20

Rubber Bullet // June 2020

How is it the end of June already?!

Bored and/or melting in lockdown? We have seen a lot of internet gold this month which we want to share with you lovely lot, because god knows we all deserve good content … Read More

22 Jun '20

I Promise Myself

I Promise Myself

Last month, we put a call out to you so you could tell us how you felt about the COVID-19 and the lockdown and how you thought this moment might change you in the future. 

The … Read More

05 Jun '20

Black Lives Matter

This post wasn’t easy, and that’s a good thing.

As the world reels in the wake of George Floyd’s unlawful death, and the highly charged protests happening across America and the world we felt compelled to say something, but where … Read More

27 May '20

The Future We Want Starts With Our Food

“What are you having for dinner? I want to know!”

I ask people all the time. I want descriptions, I want pictures. I want inspiration. I’m not the kind of person who rolls their eyes at the perfectly portioned … Read More

18 May '20

Creating Films Safely

The world has changed and so has filmmaking as we know it. We are motivated to create, but will only be able to do that if we’re sure we are adding value and not endangering anyone.

With … Read More

11 May '20

Creativity Is Power // Making In Lockdown

You know, creativity is a funny thing, because those little sparks can come from anywhere. From love, from joy, from confusion. Creativity = problem-solving… but how do you solve a problem like a pandemic?

At the start of this all, … Read More

06 May '20

I Promise Myself

What do you promise you will do differently when this is all over?

None of us could have imagined we would be here 3 months ago, but in the same way that we all eventually slot back into the … Read More