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03 Feb '10

Rubber on the radio

Rubber Republic was up at the crack of dawn this morning to take part in a live debate about advertising on the 5 live breakfast show with Nicky Campbell and Shelagh Fogarty.

The debate centered around the Conservative Party poster … Read More

02 Feb '10

Jaron Lanier is very very concerned

“Jaron Lanier is worried”, says the leaflet to accompany a keynote speech by the philosopher, digital guru and Virtual Reality pioneer at the Royal Society for the Arts.

Actually, having listened to his talk in person last night, a more … Read More

29 Jan '10

The Bell Curve of Insanity

So following on my conversation with the Devil on my Brand Republic Blog, I’ve modelled sane vs insane blog postings and comments derived from a viral campaign (or in fact anything that remotely generates conversation). I’ve called this the “Bell … Read More

13 Jan '10

How to make a killer viral marketing video. 5 Top Tips

We’ve put together a handy article for UTalkMarketing: How to make a killer viral marketing video. 5 Top Tips from Rubber Republic.

It’s a nice summary of what we’ve learned in the last ten or so years. Cheers – Andy

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04 Jan '10

“Yes, we are all individuals”

..or so goes the line in “Life of Brian” This review of Jaron Lanier’s book appear pretty thorough and raises some great points from the book and also from the blogger’s understanding of it. The irony being that a book … Read More

23 Dec '09

Crystal ball social media predictions + Facebook Memology

Here’s a short, punchy approach to trend forecasting, with a nod to Twitter’s 140 characters format.

TrendsSpotting Market Research has just published a slideshare presentation that presents 140 character forecasts from a number of industry people with more than … Read More

16 Dec '09

Publicis and the YouTube Bear Pit

Everyone has an inner-agency-bitch. Your inner-bitch is most likely to surface when you see another agency’s work. If the work’s from an agency you like you’ll irrationally love it. If it’s from an agency you hate – hate stemming largely … Read More

15 Dec '09

Social networks roll out the changes

Some interesting changes happening at Twitter and LinkedIn at the moment, which give a hint of where both social networks are heading in the New Year.

Twitter has announced on its official blog it is to begin beta testing a … Read More

11 Dec '09

The story behind the Viral Ad Network …

In the last couple of weeks, Rubber Republic has rolled out the latest iteration of the Viral Ad Network.

We’ve had some good coverage in the trade press (from NMA and The Drum to sites such as Brand Republic, … Read More

09 Nov '09

Would you pay to read online news?

The long-running debate over whether internet users will pay for online news if publishers start building pay walls is getting nasty.

Rupert Murdoch has led the move towards paid for online content, with plans to erect pay walls around popular … Read More