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26 Oct '09

BrriSM is Gurt Lush

For those of you that have no idea what BrriSM is or what gurt lush is, BrriSM is a social media network group based in “Brizzle”. Gurt Lush is Bristol speak for quite good.

Are there as many cultural differences … Read More

01 Oct '09

Aristotle’s rhetoric – the art of persuasion

I’ve been reading Aristotle’s “ars rhetorica” recently, and thought I’d share some bits I’ve learnt from my (quasi) intellectual musings – as a book titled “the art of rhetoric” is a subject which is (obviously) v.relevant to the advertising industry.

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30 Sep '09

‘Rubber Library’ on tour @ Ogilvy

Many thanks to Ogilvy Digital Labs for inviting the Rubber Library to exhibit at their Social Media Day yesterday.

We did promise to exhibit naked and *without the aid of technology and social media tools* yet someone cheekily snuck in … Read More

28 Sep '09

Rubber Republic @ Ogilvy’s Social Media Day

Come say hello to us tomorrow at Ogilvy’s Social Media Day. We’re practically going naked by being social without the aid of technology!

So pop by for some open knowledge sharing — we’ll be bearing only books as our social … Read More

02 Sep '09

Big-up to Pinsent Masons

This afternoon we got in a bit of a pickle over some legal questions around some proposals we were working on for a (potential) client.

A bit of desk research led us to a very informative page from law firm … Read More

21 Aug '09

Become a Trillionaire! Support Rubber @ SXSW

Fancy supporting the world of Rubber and becoming a Trillionaire in the process?

Click on the links below to vote and comment for our SXSW festival panel proposals. Best comment on each panel wins 1 Trillion Zimbabwean dollars!*

Simply create … Read More

17 Aug '09

Support our SXSW Panels!

SXSW is a fantastic festival held in Austin each spring. Help our panels get picked to by voting for our proposals on the hugely democratic SXSW Panel Picker. You’ll need an account at, then go to the links below … Read More

27 Jul '09


We have a job going at Rubber Republic for a digital account director – the type of digital guru who’s likely to hear about a job from the Twitterverse before a recruitment agency puts it on their radar. For this … Read More

20 Jul '09

Hiring Hiring Hiring

We have no less than *three* shiny new jobs to fill across Team Rubber (and a few more besides):

Rubber Republic Account Director

Financial Controller

Programming and development that doesn’t suck

Check em out, tell your friends!

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01 May '09

Sky News Cameras Hit Rubber Republic’s London Office

Barely freshly shaven from his appearance on the BBC Today programme, Matt was kindly invited to talk a few things viral in front of Sky News cameras yesterday. It was through good fortune in our safe office surroundings that he … Read More