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12 Jul '11

#TumblrTuesday – Online Dating, Dirty Herbs and Velociraptors

It’s that time again…

It seems like lately my favourite day of the week rolls around so quickly. I barely have time to reblog a classic cat gif, before taking on the wonderful task of trawling through Tumblr and panning … Read More

05 Jul '11

Tumblr Tuesday 05/07/11

It’s #TumblrTuesday again! That excellent bit of the week where we hunt down some of the most brilliant Tumblr blogs on the web and put them through an intense vetting process before feeding you only the very tastiest morsels. 

So … Read More

28 Jun '11

Tumblr Tuesday

Unfortunately I missed last week’s #TumblrTuesday and because I’m feeling guilty, I’ve managed to find three of the most epic Tumblr based blogs for your viewing and procrastinating pleasure. Add these recommendations to your dashboards and enjoy. a … Read More

18 Apr '11

Dancing Queen

Heading up the viral chart this week is the latest offering from T-Mobile ‘Life is for sharing’ campaign. A video that takes one of the most mum friendly memes and puts a right royal spin on it just in time … Read More

09 Mar '11

The Tron Lebowski: are you serious?

Vi siete mai chiesti cosa sarebbe mai potuto accadere se due titoli come Tron e Il Grande Lebowski si fossero uniti in un folle unico film intitolato per l’appunto The Tron Lebowski? Sono sicuro che la risposta è … Read More

08 Mar '11

Cat got your thumb?

Our weekly delve into compiling the NMA Viral Charts always kicks up some gems, but this one gets two furry thumbs up.

We featured Cravendale’s brave goodbye to the iconic cow, pirate and cyclist on our Viral Ad Network a … Read More

04 Mar '11

LOLCon – crafting the perfect LOL

Following on from the success of #KittenCamp, we’re planning our next *adventure in meme meet-ups* which is LOLCon – an event we’re conjuring up with the nice (and funny) people from BBC Comedy.

LOLCon will be a 1/2 day seminar … Read More

03 Mar '11

#KittenCamp round-up

It’s been a busy last 2 weeks at #KittenHQ as we’ve been criss-crossing the UK dressed in our favorite cat suits generously sharing memes with industry friends across the country.

We kicked off our #KittenCamp tour in London, … Read More

01 Mar '11

Bristol #KittenCamp playlist

Kitten fish hands

“Firefox has encountered a problem with windows”

Kickboxing kids

Baby Trashes bar

Dead Island trailer [original]

Shaun of the Dead Island

Awkward moment

Vodaphone Double Rainbow

Super-bowl ads – VW the Force

Yoda strikes back

Radiohead … Read More

22 Feb '11

Birmingham #KittenCamp playlist

Kitten vs plastic fortress

“Firefox has encountered a problem with windows”

Epic gorilla man

Dead Island trailer [original]

Dead Island trailer [reverse remix with sound FX]

Justin Bieber U Smile (original)

Justin Bieber U Smile slowed down 800%

(thanks to … Read More