Fun ‘n’ Random

03 Dec '08

Christmas Crappers

When you eat some dodgy turkey and your toilet’s rank and murky, diarrhoea, diarrhoea…

he Food Standards Agency (FSA) has commissioned a viral video — “Diarrhoea!” — to raise awareness of the potential hazards of Christmas leftovers.

“Diarrhoea!” has been … Read More

28 Nov '08

Bearded Ladyboarding anyone?!

For those who haven’t been introduced to the sport of Bearded Ladyboarding yet, Rubber Republic have created the concept to help promote the Oregon Scientific’s ActionCam – the mini-everything-proof-video camera popular amongst extreme sports fans.

Bearded Ladyboarding pretty much does … Read More

24 Oct '08

Tim The Tortoise

Another fortnight has flown by: we have arrived at another Friday meaning a brand new MCM Net produced/Aardman designed Creature Discomforts game has landed.

It’s the third in the series, and this time we see Tim the one-legged Tortoise attempting … Read More

10 Oct '08

Peanut Pickup

I am pleased to announce the Friday release of the second game in the ‘Creature Discomforts’ series, ‘Peanut Pickup’ featuring Millie The Mouse.

After Callum’s ‘Flyzzz’ dilemma, you must now help Millie to feed the giant, restless Elephant some nuts. … Read More

01 Oct '08

The Chocolate Dream Steam Machine!

Do you think you have what it takes to bake, chill and explode a mix of your favourite ingredients into a Dairy Milk chocolate bar impressively enough to please a Parrot?

Oh, you’ve never thought of that before? Well here’s … Read More

26 Sep '08

Callum The Chameleon!

I am please to cut the ribbon and to announce the commencement of Rubber Republic seeding on a set of brand new viral games. The games have been produced by MCM Net, for the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity and feature … Read More

24 Sep '08

4mations goes full-fat!

Drum roll . . . we’re v.pleased to invite you to the official launch of the full-fat version of

We’re super chuffed with the site + content, and think the team of Aardman animations, Channel 4, Lupus Films and … Read More