September 26, 2008

Callum The Chameleon!

I am please to cut the ribbon and to announce the commencement of Rubber Republic seeding on a set of brand new viral games. The games have been produced by MCM Net, for the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity and feature Aardman’s award winning (as seen on TV) ‘Creature Discomforts’ creations.

Each plasticine creature, each a different species and each with their own individual disability, share – the wonderful – signature Aardman plasticine look. A new game, featuring a new character will be released every fortnight!

First up, we have Callum The Chameleon, who due to his blindness, requires the aid and companionship of his very own guide-ladybird. The aim of the game is to help Callum get some dinner by utilising his extra long and malleable tongue to catch the flies and wasps that zoom around him.

Brilliantly, this game also features an ‘audio only’ version of the game, made specifically for the blind. In this feature, you must help Callum catch the flies by detecting when they are at their closest. This is determined by the sound of flies and wasps buzzing reaching its loudest point.

The top 5 scorers from each game will receive exclusive signed pictures of the respective Aardman character. These skilled individuals will also be entered into a larger draw, with the potential to win a “Money can’t buy” Aardman suprise prize!

The games aim to significantly increase awareness and support of the Leonard Cheshire Disability and to challenge the way that people perceive disability. What better way to get involved than having some fun?

So get licking and help Callum get his fix!

Posted by Ian O