October 11, 2021

Business for Nature

Business For Nature

More than half the world’s GDP ($44 trillion) is dependent on nature. As the UN biodiversity summit in China begins, the world’s leading businesses are calling for meaningful action on protecting biodiversity. 

Climate change and human ecosystem destruction are costing the economy over $300 billion per year already, with urgent action required to stop further damage to the global economy. 

We have collaborated with Business For Nature and Greenhouse PR to create a series of films highlighting the call to world leaders to reverse nature loss and build a nature-positive, net-zero and equitable world. 

The UN biodiversity summit (COP15) is our chance to set rules for businesses that will help mitigate the climate crisis. Businesses like Unilever, the H&M group and ourselves are calling for three demands at COP15.

  1. Eliminate and redirect harmful subsidies. 
  2. Align financial flows towards a nature-positive world.
  3. Embed nature in decision-making. 

Together, business can commit to a 1.5C climate target for nature under new proposals which are clear and promote investment and innovation to support nature and business. 

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