October 26, 2009

BrriSM is Gurt Lush

For those of you that have no idea what BrriSM is or what gurt lush is, BrriSM is a social media network group based in “Brizzle”. Gurt Lush is Bristol speak for quite good.

Are there as many cultural differences in our language as there could be social media apps? It is always confusing when you read that some youth has completely invented a new word. It can be similar in the world of social media, how many people would know what “I ninged my post and got bumped up a grade, now I am going to vlog”

There is not an app that has replaced a jolly good face to face chat with interesting people. I really enjoyed the experience last Wednesday. Headed by Michael Corbett, and held in the exciting Pervasive Media Studio. Michael kicked off the event discussing the different forms of communication and how to think like a monkey when blogging, and the monkey sphere. Michael discussed many other aspects of social media, for me the most interesting and something I had not heard about before Wednesday was a Johari Window. A useful tool in helping people understand their communication and relationships, also an important theme for BrriSM.

After a networking activity, the group was asked if they had any burning questions. Then if you want to know more about that topic or you can offer assistance you joined that group. This was very helpful and I picked up some valuable tips from James Ainsworth he recommended twitter.grader and Facebook. grader these can be useful tools to add measurements to your Twitter/Facebook research and activity.

BrisUM meeting 21 oct 2009

BrriSM Meeting 21st Oct 2009

Monday on BBC 1 at nine the new episode of Life shows how animals have adapted to get things done. If you haven’t seen meerkats (that’s not markets peeples!) in action, the meerkats take turns to keep watch for prey and alert the others. You can’t stay up 24 hours a day, read all your bookmarks, RSS, etc… people need sunlight. So if there are a few fellow mediakats out there looking, tis right proper.

Follow Brrisum on twitter. Check out the blog. Tonight watch the meerkats in action with other mammals at 9pm BBC 1