November 11, 2011

Breaking Bad – Doing it Right

It’s somewhat ironic that a show about crystal meth should be so addictive. In fact just after the last series of Breaking Bad finished I experienced cold sweats, nausea and depression as I was left to go cold turkey again for an entire year.

Still, it’s not all bad, as not only have the AMC marketing team made content that seamlessly runs along side the narrative of the show, they’ve also inspired a whole lot of ‘fan’ creativity online. By focussing on an output that perpetuates the Breaking Bad universe rather than detracts from it.

Here are our favourite bits…

The fictional website “Save Walter White” actually plays an integral part of one storyline, so it makes sense that there should be a carbon copy of it online, which fans can share and discover. Alright, so it’s not a page that’s ever updated and you’d probably only visit it once but it’s a good piece of web real estate. It shows us fans that there’s a real depth to the character and stories, as well as whetting our appetites to go and hunt for other easter eggs.

Like “Better Call Saul” slots neatly into the fabric of the show, by adding an element of realism and lending further insight into the characters. As well as the fully functioning fictional site, there is also bonus video content that doesn’t appear to have been shoehorned in as part of a campaign (or added as an afterthought)

Awesome Fan Content

Baking Bread – Not all photoshops are created equal

Create your own Breaking Bad ‘Gustavo Fring’ mask – Via Buzzfeed

The final gem is a fictional Twitter account, (hear us out!) based on the character ‘Hector Salamanca’ – The fake Hector has almost 5,000 followers despite only tweeting the word ‘DING’!/H_Salamanca