August 21, 2009

Become a Trillionaire! Support Rubber @ SXSW

Fancy supporting the world of Rubber and becoming a Trillionaire in the process?

Click on the links below to vote and comment for our SXSW festival panel proposals. Best comment on each panel wins 1 Trillion Zimbabwean dollars!*

Simply create an account at the SXSW panel picker site, then vote and comment at the links below.

Here they are! Go go go!:

Vote for my PanelPicker idea! Nooks and Grannies: Exploring Older Niches Online:

Vote for my PanelPicker idea! Open source government: Can collaborative methods save democracy:

Vote for my PanelPicker idea! Taking Traditional Narrative Online: Extending Film Worlds Interactively:

While you’re at it, and seeing as you’ve now registered, pop a vote and comment into these fantastic friends too There’s a Trillion Dollars for the best comment on theirs too.

Clare Reddington of the world renowned Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol, and queen of everything ever:
Pervasive games and playful experiences: Rendering the real world:
Seeing round corners: Artists as innovators in the corporate world:

Mike Bennett of the UK’s largest media network, Bristol Media, and king of all things entreprenuerial:
How networks will make your business fly:
From the kitchen table to $Million business:

Hundred Trillion Dollar Bill

*Literally. For the best comment on each panel, we’ll post you a framed Trillion dollar bill for the wall of your gaff. (NOTE: The note is now out of circulation and in no way supports the questionable power situation in Zimbabwe. But it will make you feel mega rich in these times of financial woe)