November 28, 2008

Bearded Ladyboarding anyone?!

For those who haven’t been introduced to the sport of Bearded Ladyboarding yet, Rubber Republic have created the concept to help promote the Oregon Scientific’s ActionCam – the mini-everything-proof-video camera popular amongst extreme sports fans.

Bearded Ladyboarding pretty much does what it says on the tin – i.e. it’s a sport involving guys with beards in wedding dresses on mountain boards.

To check out the campaign, visit:

The Bearded Ladyboarding site

The Bearded Ladyboarding YouTube channel

For more info, read the full press release below:

Oregon Scientific looks to boost ActionCam sales with ‘Ladyboarding’ viral campaign

Oregon Scientific has launched an online international viral campaign — ‘Bearded Ladyboarding’ ( – to generate brand awareness and to increase sales of its rugged ActionCam.

The Oregon Scientific ActionCam was launched in 2007 as one of the world’s first all-terrain cameras. The camera’s hands-free, shock-resistant, waterproof design and the fact that users could mount it on anything, recording any kind of action anywhere, meant it quickly became very popular among extreme sports fans.

Now, Oregon Scientific are launching the Bearded Ladyboarding viral campaign to introduce the affordable, fun side of the extreme ActionCam to a wider audience and to showcase its ability to catalyse good old-fashioned japery. The campaign, which is centred on a Flash mountain-boarding game but also includes YouTube clips and other assets, has been planned, produced and seeded by British viral agency Rubber Republic.

The campaign’s creative is based around the as-yet non-Olympic sport of bearded ladyboarding, an obscure but accessible extreme sport in which competitors with handsome beards and beautiful wedding dresses tear down hillsides in pursuit of ladyboarding glory. Curious audiences can explore the concept through an arcade-style ladyboarding game, ActionCam infomercial, interview with one of the sport’s prime exponents and even a selection of inspirational wallpapers.

The viral launches in four key European territories: UK, France, Italy and Germany.

Aylin Burnham, European Markeing Director for Oregon Scientific, said “venturing into virals is a new departure for us but we’re very excited at the potential of this campaign to reach new markets and showcase this great product”.

Kirk Hullis, account manager at Rubber Republic, said “working on a campign that has a broad range of assets and in mulitple languages allows us to use various methods to contribute to the awareness online of the ActionCam – be that through casual gameplay, YouTube video views or exclusive publisher deals to embed the game. We’re chuffed to be working with such a great product”.

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