August 27, 2009

The BBC Digital Revolution

We’ve been working on launching the BBC Digital Revolution (working title) – a crowd-sourced/open-source/collaborative documentary series about the internet. Interestingly, people who post their knowledge/stories around the microsite’s content will have a chance of guiding a major and unique BBC documentary.

Tim Berners-Lee, Chris Anderson, Jimmy Wales, Lee Siegel, Andrew Keen, Aleks Krotoski, Feargal Sharkey, Nicholas Carr, Rory Cellan-Jones and Susan Greenfield are just some of the people involved in making this project work.

These are the 4 bold programme topics that people can now contribute to at

1. power on the web
2. the fate of nations
3. the cost of free
4. the web and us

You can follow the progress of the series on Twitter @BBCDigRev. Here’s what some our tech friends had to say about it….


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